“...We have been riding at High Beech Riding School for a combined 58 years. In that time we have enjoyed excellent lessons and wonderful hacks in Epping Forest, including dawn rides and whole day rides. We have always found the staff welcoming and the horses well looked after and willing. Jillian learned to ride at High Beech, taught by the late Alf Taylor who founded the stable with his wife, Gloria. The following was published in the stables newsletter at the time (this was in the days before Facebook!) twenty six years ago exactly in March 1985.

I have a friend called Janet, She can be quite a pain, She’s told me I should learn to ride, Time and time again.

She said, “You really need to think, Now you are twenty-eight You must get on a horse quite soon Or it will be too late.”

She frowned and stated firmly, “You should delay no more Yes, riding is the sport for you, It’s what your backside’s for.”

So, feeling old and past it, I drove to High Beech School, I gingerly got on my mount, I thought I looked a fool.

Champ knew I was beginning, And took great care of me. He walked and turned and trotted And stopped at letter “C”.

By the end of that lesson I felt safe on a horse. Champ was the perfect teacher (Alf helped as well, of course)

I’ve had more lessons since then, I’m still feeling my way. I’m nearly getting better, I’ll be quite good some day.

I’m now a good deal older, In fact I’m twenty-nine. A wiser person who knows well That riding is just fine.

And now both Janet and I are in our 50’s, we are still having a good time at High Beech Stables and would recommend others to give it a try!

Jillian and Janet,