“...My name is Diane. Almost 40 years ago I had my first proper riding lesson. When I arrived at High Beech Horse Riding School I was met by Alf Taylor (Husband and Father) of the present owners. Alf told me I would be riding Champ, handed me a head collar and we went to find him in one of the fields. I was shown how to groom and put the saddle and bridle on him – then began the riding lesson. I fell in love then with horses (and naughty ponies)

I still ride at High Beech at least once a week in winter and twice in the summer months when the evening rides begin - a great way to relax after the stresses of the working day. I have made many new friends, had lots of fun and have great memories of so many horses – Champ, Venture, Ivanhoe, Fur Elise and best of all Manhattan but not forgetting Diwali the best “naughty pony”...“