I first came to High Beech Riding School when I was 8 years old, riding on a lesson every Sunday morning.  Having taken up riding elsewhere it was definitely the Forest and friendly atmosphere that attracted me to High Beech.  I was very keen to get more hands on and learn all I could about horses so luckily it wasn't long before I was offered the chance to volunteer to help with yard duties all day on a Sunday.  I quickly fell in love with everything horsey!  Since then, I have achieved my BHS Ride and Road Safety Certificate at High Beech and also successfully completed my NVQ Level 2 Care and Riding apprenticeship here alongside Writtle College.  All of this went towards me being offered the position of Assistant Yard Manager and enabled me to escort rides through the forest and begin training and studying for my BHS qualifications to become fully qualified Instructor.  I loved my job as Assistant Yard Manager and with the help of some of the established Instructors at High Beech it didn't take me long to successfully complete my BHS 2.   Since then, I have taken a different career path but where I can and when needed I still make myself available to help with lessons and hacks.  I can't go too long without catching up with the staff, clients and ponies at High Beech, it is like a family that I hope to always be a part of.   Here I am pictured with two of my favourite ponies.  Romeo whom I have grown up with and has taught me loads and Nirvana who is a newer pony to the Riding School but who has quickly found a special place in my heart.  I have enjoyed many happy hours hacking in the forest and schooling both of these beauties, High Beech is such a great place to learn, I can truly say that it is my happy place.