When I started horse riding at the age of 5 it was a slight disappointment to my Mother who had dreams of her daughter becoming a prima ballerina. That disappointment soon turned to joy when she saw the happiness riding brought me.
When I left home a number of years ago, moving from Kent to Essex, it was important to me to find somewhere that I could continue to enjoy my childhood passion. HBRS was that special place. I spent many happy hours hacking and in lessons. I trained and passed my BHS Stage 1 and then continued with my Riding & Road Safety exam. This enabled me to escort rides and enjoy the many wonderful routes through the Epping Forest.
Whether it be for an afternoon/evening tea ride or speciality dawn ride, I love meeting people that share in the combined love of our horses and the beauty of the forest.
My current best friend at HBRS is our beautiful Duchess. We've worked hard together over the last few years and I feel that our current dancing (dressage) skills would make my Mother very proud.