My association with High Beech Riding School goes back to 1989 when I first hacked out on a horse called Colombo across the Chingford plains and promptly fell in love with the school and all it’s horses.  I continued to ride as a regular client whilst building a long standing friendship with Gloria Taylor the proprietor.  In 2001, I decided to take a year out from my career with Land Rover to work at the Riding School with a view to gaining more experience and qualifications. I took my BHS Riding & Road Safety at HBRS and also my BHS Stage 1 Care and Riding.  This led on to my escorting rides for several years after I had returned to full time work at Land Rover, until my own horses and work commitments finally got in the way.  Some years on in 2014, and several breakfast meetings later, I am now back helping Gloria in a very different capacity. Dealing with the business as a whole and dealing with the financial planning and marketing of the Riding School. I also oversee the employing of staff and general day to day running of the business, leaving the riding and yard work to the much younger members of the team! I have made many friends and associates through the Riding School, most of whom still remain in contact with us here, and have many many happy memories. It truly is a family business that once you have joined it is hard to keep away from and one that we are all proud to be a part of.