Thika is the loveliest locally bred mare, and we only wish we had 3 more like her!  Standing at 15hh 1, she is popular for both flatwork and jumping lessons as well as enjoying forest hacks.  She is a great general all rounder that can accommodate the larger riders and is also happy to be handled by younger riders who want to pull her about to plait her mane or brush her long tail, she is as honest as the day is long.  She came to High Beech in 2012 as a 7 year old and was named after the little town famous for its flame trees on the outskirts of Nairobi. Gloria was puzzled when she overheard her being called “chicken”, and then horrified when she was informed that the staff thought her name was “Tikka” after the popular Indian chicken dish!   A name plate has now been put up over her stable and geography lessons start next week!

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