Lhotse, who is named after the mountain which Gloria fell in love when visiting Mount Everest on holiday, arrived during the Summer of 2013 as 4yr old. She stands 14hh 3 and has done a marvellous job settling into her work at the Riding School.  Initially she gave lessons and hacks but we quickly realised that due to a conformation issue Lhotse's future lay in hacking only and this she does perfectly.  Lhotse is a solid cob so can take larger adults but don't let her size fool you, she is totally capable of some speedy canters so be prepared to let your hair blow in the wind!  She is a firm favourite with many clients and the staff but can be a bit of a moody mare at feed times which is why doesn't live on the main yard.  She does however, have a rather unobvious friendship with her good field and stable buddy Nutmeg who can also be a moody mare.  They say opposites attract but not in this case, these ladies are two peas in a pod stuck firmly together.

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