Our Horses

  • Acuario


    Rio as he is known is a kindly soul. He moves on well and is a comfortable ride. He arrived…

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  • Albert


    Albert stands at 14hh 3 and is as bright as his bright bay colour suggests. He thoroughly enjoys work and…

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  • Anjou


    Anjou is a lovely 12hh 3 palomino pony. She will go first or last in a hack and is a…

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  • Bailey


    High Beech Horse Riding School were honoured to be chosen by the City of London to have one of their…

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  • Barney


    She, yes ‘She’, is shaped like a pig and looks a little like a bull about to charge, however looks…

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  • Brandy


    Brandy, Brandenberg, named after a family trip to Berlin is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. He was born in the Cotswolds…

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  • Briery


    He is a beautiful registered Hafflinger standing 14.2hh. We call him a pretty boy but he doesn’t seem to mind.…

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  • Cinnamon


    A kindest little pony you are ever likely to come across. He is happy with lessons or on a hack.…

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  • Cracker


    Registered as ‘Navestock Lucky Lad’ he arrived as a 4yr old standing 14hh 3 back in 1999. He is totally…

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  • Doris


    Doris is a very pretty pony standing 11hh 2. She enjoys all her work and takes it on with great…

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  • Duchess


    Duchess arrived at the yard in July 2013 aged 7yrs with her little yearling filly in tow which Gloria was…

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  • Dudley


    Registered as ‘Aurielway George Henry Dudley’ he arrived as a 15hh 2 9yr old in July 2003. He was purchased…

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