Our Horses

  • Albert


    Albert stands at 14hh 3 and is as bright as his bright bay colour suggests. He thoroughly enjoys work and…

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  • Anjou


    Anjou is a lovely 12hh 3 palomino pony. She will go first or last in a hack and is a…

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  • Barney


    She, yes ‘She’, is shaped like a pig and looks a little like a bull about to charge, however looks…

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  • Duchess


    Duchess arrived at the yard in July 2013 aged 7yrs with her little yearling filly in tow which Gloria was…

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  • Eclipse


    She arrived in 1999 at the time of the Eclipse, her name was obvious! She came to us as an…

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  • Elvis


    Following the sad loss of a much loved pony we used the name Elvis to make people laugh. However, as…

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  • Lhotse


    Lhotse (named after the mountain Gloria fell in love with next to Mount Everest whilst on holiday) arrived during the…

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  • Otis


    O ‘tis a joy to behold. Otis is a very handsome gentleman registered as “Spilsbury Eccles” who arrived in the…

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  • Perkins


    Perky Perkins was purchased in 2007 aged 7yrs and stands 13hh 3 .  He has absolutely no hang ups and…

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  • Romeo


    He was almost 10 when he came to the yard in 2004. He had previously been a successful show pony…

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  • Thika


    A lovely 15hh 1 locally bred mare, popular for lessons and hacks and named after the little town famous for…

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  • Toby


    Another senior resident standing 13hh 3  who has been with us since November 2006 when he was 16. He is…

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