Learn Horse Riding in a safe way at BHS Training Center

Once you start loving and enjoying horse and horse riding then there is no looking back. It is one of those activities that will keep your body, mind and soul refreshed. No matter what the purpose is of enrolling in riding lessons, once your love for the riding finds its pace, you will never look back

It is very important to take riding classes under the supervision of professional trainers. There are lots of precautions that one must follow for the safe ride. If you are exploring Horse Riding experience days then it becomes more crucial to consult a trainer. They will not only educate you on safe rides, but will also help you in understanding horse and their behavior. It is very important to decipher the horse language and sign only then you can enjoy the ride to its fullest.

The High Beech Riding School offers various courses for the whole family.  Visit the center and avail our special introductory rate. If you are not sure whether the horse riding is for you or not, then opt for our taster session.  The half hour session by one of our qualified instructors will introduce you to the basics of horse riding, walk, halt and some trotting.  We take special care of your safety, our staff members will there to ensure your safety so that you can focus more on riding than anything else.

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